Comprehensive Tree Care Services

Get Professionals to Handle Your Trees

For total tree care including stump removal in Floral City, FL, get the services of A-1 Allen Tree Specialist. We can take care of your wanted and unwanted trees. Our team is dedicated to quality work that gives customers the tree results they want.

Proper Tree Care as Property Investment

Proper tree care can lead to considerable returns and is even considered as an investment for some. Trees that are well cared for are beautiful and can add substantial worth to your property. Trees that are poorly maintained can be a major liability because they make your property less attractive and the areas that surround them unsafe. Trimming or cutting trees, especially bulky trees, can be hazardous work. These jobs should be done only by professionals who are knowledgeable and are skilled to handle tree work.

Start Taking Care of Your Landscape

Maintaining your trees in good condition and removing stumps will do wonders to the appearance of your property’s landscape. Call us today at (352) 726-8880 and talk to one of our representatives. We’ll even give you a free estimate for the service that you’re interested in.

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